Saturday, February 13, 2010


I returned from Kravanh only to go back to Kravanh the very next day for a Sustainable Cambodia versus Kravanh futbol game (plans change fast in Cambodia). Feeling the team spirit and wanting to spread it, Laura (one of the volunteers) and I woke up early and went to the market to buy green (our team color) fabric to make headwraps for the staff, students, and volunteers. After a breakfast of bai saik jrut (rice with pork) and cafe dtuk dtuk o chow (coffee with fresh milk), we returned to the school and spent the morning cutting fabric to make headwraps and writing sayings on them such as "Go Go SC!" "Win Win SC!" "SC is on fire!" "Best SC!" and "Awesome SC!"

We passed out the headwraps, and our transportation arrived at the school. It was a pick-up truck. We stuffed 30 students into the back and headed to Kravanh.

One of our teachers, Mr. Chenda, offered for me to ride with him in his car, and of course, my eyes still burning from the dust on my moto rides to and from Kravanh, I accepted. I didn't know he was going to let Laura drive (Cambodian driving is nothing like driving in the US, there are no stop signs or traffic lights, the only thing you use to communicate with other drivers is your horn, and you use it a lot), so we were all a little nervous, but she proved to be a good driver. Below is a picture of our view ahead of the dusty road and kids in their pick-up truck.

When we got to the field, there was a lot of drumming, dancing, and cheering. The teachers played first and the game tied. Then the students played, and in a close game, they lost by a point.

We went back to Pursat and shared a hot pot dinner.

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